Jalen Ramsey’s Hilarious Flop Sums up Jaguars’ Horrific Season

The Big Lead Henry McKenna

Jalen Ramsey and the Jacksonville Jaguars are no longer intimidating.

No one is scared, nor should they be.

Ramsey and the Jaguars only made things worse on Thursday night during a 30-9 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Titans tackle Taylor Lewan approached and nudged Ramsey with his helmet. Ramsey looked like he’d been electrocuted. The dramatic collapse was emblematic of the Jaguars’ season.

Ramsey and Jacksonville engaged in trash talk over the offseason. They talked an awfully good game.  (And for the record, I hope Ramsey never stops.) But when push came to shove, they crumbled in dramatic and comically pathetic fashion. They were the NFL’s biggest disappointment. Jacksonville was five points away from going to the Super Bowl a year ago. In Week 14, they got blown out by the Titans while allowing Derrick Henry, whose previous high was 58 rushing yards this season, to rewrite Tennessee’s rushing records with 238 yards and four touchdowns.

That’s one great flop for Ramsey, and one giant implosion for the Jaguars.

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