Roundup: Rural America Needs Dentists; Couple Kicked Out of an Uber For Kissing; & Disturbing NHL Cyber Bullying Story

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Zoey Deutch, actress … Can I interest you in a Felicity reunion? … “Marine Veteran Trains White Supremacists in Military Tactics” … lesbian couple kicked out of an Uber for kissing … “Rural America has too few dentists — and too few patients who can pay” … very interesting piece on journalism in 2018, especially meant for anyone in college who picks this profession … “Man enters home, steals alcohol, defecates on floor” … Tesla cuts 9% of its workforce, stock price surges … executive chairman of Guess resigns after sexual harassment claims … 

What a disturbing story: The girlfriend of an Ottawa Senators player has allegedly been harassing and cyber-bulling the fiancee of another Ottawa Senators player.

The Rams have to pay Reggie Bush $12.5 million after the injury he suffered in the dome in St. Louis back in 2015.

Is Kevin Durant the greatest scorer the NBA has ever seen?

USC football fans are very excited about JT Daniels. The young QB has a great story.

Come on, Mets fans would freak out if they traded Jacob deGrom.

Guess the suspension: Randy Gregory of the Dallas Cowboys. The decision is in Roger Goodell’s hands.

Podcast: How the Warriors will avoid breaking up; why LeBron should take Paul George over Chris Paul on the Lakers; and discussing Kevin Durant’s legacy with Jared Dudley of the Phoenix Suns.

If you’re looking for clues about Kevin Durant potentially departing the Warriors, think again: This season he moved to a new place in San Francisco that’s closer to the new Golden State arena.

I don’t understand how this man survived being ejected from the car like this. What a terrifying video.

Here’s a collection of Stephen Curry highlights from the NBA Finals.

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