Roundup: Your Boys Want You to Switch to Boxers; NFL Protests Continue; Luckiest Fan Catches Everything

The Big Lead Kyle Koster

Rudy Giuliani is the gift that just keeps giving …Washington DC’s Mamie Johnson Little League is an inspiration … This could be the year Jim Harbaugh meets expectations … Will Bartolo Colon pitch in 2019 … We already knew this about boxers and sperm count … NCAA continues its smoke-and-mirrors act … Hurricane Maria death toll confirmed at 1.427Joe Fauria made up quite a tale to cover injury … Melania Trump’s parents become citizensZach Smith hasn’t been interviewed by Ohio State investigators … Volatile week for Elon MuskPlayers Weekend has the punsHasan Minhaj getting his own show … Abby Huntsman joining The View … So much legal pot sold in Denver … Ken Singleton coming back  next year after all … Tom Brady contract tweak … Justin Verlander was in a dark place, Kate Upton got him through itDK sportsbook officially launchesDerrius Guice suffers knee injury … Ciara

Admit it. Some of the Space Force logos rule. Would have doodled the heck out of them on my trapper keeper.

Another NFL season has begun and players are still protesting during the national anthem. Was there ever any doubt?

Macaulay Culkin repeatedly turned down Big Bang Theory’s advances.

Now this is a creative jersey. For the kids and their texting.

Let’s check in on the LFL, see what’s up there.

Fan snags two home run balls in one inning.

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