VIDEO: It Looks Like James Harden Threw His Entire Team Under The Bus

The Big Lead Bobby Burack

James Harden was the definition of sensational in Game 1 against the Warriors, but it was far from enough. The 41-point effort on 58 percent shooting and 83 percent from the 3-point line was wasted as the supporting cast did not play up to par.

As a result, it looks to have caused rancor amongst the roster. Harden made it very clear to the media that the Rockets are not on the same page and they cannot expect this to be a one-man show any longer:

Everything Harden said was correct, the constant isolation style of play he put forth in Game 1 is not sustainable or effective against the Warriors, but why did he say this publicly?

Combining these not so subtle comments with Eric Gordon’s message, it sure sounds like the locker room in Houston is far from where they need to be this late in the season.

It is hard to imagine that Harden was just answering the question without an agenda. He went out of his way to make it clear, in his opinion, the loss was everyone’s fault but his own.

Did the Warriors damage the Rockets much more than just a Game 1 loss?

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