VIDEO: Joel Klatt Gives Colin Cowherd a Sneak Peek at Nightmarish World He’ll Live in if Baker Mayfield Keeps Winning

The Big Lead

Colin Cowherd wasn’t a big fan of Baker Mayfield and didn’t hesitate to tell people why. Mayfield, who is not prone to backing down, once went on The Herd and acquitted himself just fine in a blogworthy interview. The rookie quarterback has now brought two regular season wins to Cleveland, which is an embarrassment of riches.

Because Cowherd dug his heels so deeply on this one, he’ll have a hard time living it down if Mayfield continues to succeed and becomes an elite NFL quarterback. And while that’s a big if, fellow Fox Sports football guy Joe Klatt provided his co-worker with a glimpse into what such an existence will look like.

Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff. Mild trolling with the Browns jersey turns a bit real when Klatt does a rather believable Cowherd impression right to the real Cowherd.

Perhaps premature after only two wins, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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